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The Amazing Bridged Hammock Tent

Conventional hammock

  • High center of gravity easier to tip.
  • No support for knees or back.
  • Uncomfortable curved sleeping posture
  • Folds around your body.
  • No privacy. No storage.
High center of gravity - Unstable
Curved posture
No storage
Knees straight No back support

The Helsdon Hammock

  • Low center of gravity for amazing stability.
  • A haven for side sleepers!
  • Provides body contour support and super comfort.
  • Spreader bars keeps hammock from folding.
  • Store gear inside.
  • Instant all weather protection and privacy.
Low center of gravity - Stable
Comfortable flat posture
Storage Storage Knees elevated Full back support

Product features

Rain proof

Water proof tent
keeps rain out

Bug proof

Bug screen
keeps pests out


Maximum comfort
sleeping in mid air

Fast setup

Two minutes up
Two minutes down

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The next shipment of Helsdon Hammock tents will arrive in Sweden on August 28. Visit us again in September, to order your very own Helsdon hammock right here.


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