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The Helsdon Hammock is unique

The patented shape of the Helsdon Hammock is unique. It allows you to sleep in a position that is good for your body. It even allows you to sleep on the side or on your stomach. You don't need to lay diagonally, hang it at a certain angle or use an inflatable mat to get a lay flat sleeping position.
The unique Helsdon Hammock

The Ultimate Hang

The Helsdon Hammock does not hang directly in between two trees, it hangs from straps that are tied in between two trees. Because of that, the distance between the trees does not effect your comfort. The hammock will have the same comfortable shape no mater how you hang it.
A perfectly shaped hammock

Amazing stability

The Helsdon Hammock has a lower center of gravity than many other hammocks. It allows you to move around and sit up like you can't do in other hammocks.
The most stable hammock ever

Extreme comfort

The bridged construction with aluminum spreader bars and the double bottom that fits a sleeping pad prevents the Helsdon Hammock to fold up around your body. Regular hammocks trap your body in a cocoon. The Helsdon Hammock doesn't.
A very roomy hammock

It's a hammock and a tent

The Helsdon Hammock has an integrated tent sleeve with integrated bug nets. Like no other hammock, the Helsdon Hammock keeps rain, wind and bugs out. There is no need to put an extra tarp over your hammock and there is nothing that needs to be pinned to the ground.
The one and only hammock tent

Plenty of storage

The Helsdon Hammock has plenty of room for storage inside the sleeve tent. You and your gear are kept safe off the ground and away from water, mud, bugs and animals at all times.
Storage inside the hammock tent

All the year in all weathers

The Helsdon Hammock will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. In the winter, the double bottom with a sleeping pad inside insulates you from below. No need for an expensive under-quilt. The sleeve tent keeps the warmth from your body from escaping into the air. In the summer, you can open up the bug proof windows and raise the bug proof sides to ventilate out as much heat as you need.
Hammock tents in the winter

Instant shelter

The Helsdon Hammock provides instant shelter. You can set it up in less that two minutes. No need to find flat ground without roots, rocks, bugs, mud or puddles. There is nothing to pin to the ground. Wrap the strap around two trees and tighten it hard. Connect the two spreader bars and you are done. See instructions here
The hammock tent does not touch the ground

Made to last

Helsdon Outdoors is run by nature and camping enthusiasts. Preserving the environment and the climate is extremely important for us. We are disgusted by the calculated premature wear and tear built in to other products and we hope that your Helsdon Hammock tent will last a lifetime. We really like having you as a customer, but we would like it even more if you never have to buy a hammock from us again!
A durable hammock tent

Forged by Canadian wilderness

The Helsdon Hammock has been developed into perfection over the course of more than 20 years. Dave Helsdon has roamed the Canadian wilderness for 70 years. He has climbed every peak and defeated every white water rapids. He has developed prototype after prototype and tried them out in extreme conditions in the Canadian outback. Never quite satisfied with the latest model, he has pushed on with yet another adjustment. Until now. The Helsdon Hammock is finally perfect. Forged by the Canadian wilderness, designed for the human body.
An early prototype of a hammock tent


Weight2,9 kg
Minimum tree distance3.5 meters
Maximum tree distance 8 meters
Maximum body length1.95 meters (6.4 ft)
Maximum weight180 kg (400 lb)
MaterialsPolyester, nylon, steel, aluminum
All product specifications
The amoazing Helsdon hammock tent

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