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Helsdon Outdoors was founded by Canadian nature, camping and wilderness enthusiast Dave Helsdon. Dave has invented, developed and perfected The Helsdon Hammock tent for more than 20 years. The Helsdon Hammock was previously sold by Eureka! using the name Chrysalis. Helsdon Outdoors is run as a family company out of southern Ontario, Canada, with local offices in Thunder Bay, Ontario and Stockholm, Sweden. Our goal is to help everyone enjoy nature in all it's wild and wonderful beauty. We can't stop the rain to fall on you. Neither can we stop the freezing wind or exhausting heat or make your camping ground flat. But we can provide you with a shelter that will keep you dry, warm, cool and safe in all conditions. Just find two trees and The Helsdon Hammock will make sure you wake up the next day, well rested and ready for yet another adventure in the great outdoors.

Climate change

Helsdon Outdoors is run by nature and camping enthusiasts. Preserving the environment and the climate is extremely important for us. Carbon dioxid is produced during production and transportation of our products. We do everything we can to reduce the CO2 footprint of our products. We have minimized packaging, we use cargo boats instead of air cargo and we try to use the most environmentally friendly transport to our end customers. We compensate for every gram CO2 caused by our products by investing twice as much in Gold Standard projects. But the most important thing we can do is to create a product that will last and that promotes a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle. We are disgusted by the calculated premature wear and tear built in to other products and we hope that your Helsdon Hammock tent will last a lifetime. We really like having you as a customer, but we would like it even more if you never have to buy a hammock from us again!

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If you decide to return your Helsdon Hammock for any reason other than defect or damage when received, we'll refund your total purchase. If you return it due to defect or damage when received, we'll refund your full purchase amount plus pay for return shipping as well.


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