The Amazing
Chrysalis Hammock

When you're ready for more.
A lot more.

"Two minutes up, two minutes down,
with sheer comfort, privacy and
sleep in between?

It's wonderful!"

Instamt shelter

Hammock only
The Incomparable, Patented Flat Hammock

instant shelter and privacy
Instant Shelter And Privacy

body contour
Chiropractor Approved Body Contour Support

Stability and comfort
Unparalelled Stability and Comfort

Room to spare
Room To Stretch Out

Camp anywhere
Camp Anywhere, Anytime

Like nothing else

Step up to the versatile 2015 Chrysalis from Helsdon Outdoors. It's the one that converts from a day hammock into a fully enclosed, bug proof, wind proof, waterproof sleeping tent...and back, in minutes.

No stakes, tarps, flies or tie downs.

Weighing just five pounds, this rugged but compact trail mate is tailor made for campers who are ready for more functionality, serious comfort and a really good night's sleep.

Unscheduled wind or rainstorm on the trail? You're covered.

With only two point attachment, Chrysalis sets up or breaks down in less than two minutes without touching the wet or muddy ground! welcomes up to 250 pounds!

Rain or shine, it's the hammock you want when you're out there.

When you're ready, get in...

The "Oh" Zone


There's only one

Created for the Human Body