Camp where "you can't camp". I love this thing!

It's like the Cadillac of hammock tents. So cushy inside. Love waking up in the bright green sleeve!

I was skeptical until I ran into one out there. The owner was nothing but positive about it and let me get in and get the feel of it. Done deal! I much prefer my Chrysalis to the ground now.

My first word when I got in it was WOW! Seriously. It's like your own little world. Way roomier than it looks and so-o-o comfortable :)

The Chrysalis is compact, lightweight, super easy up, stable, super roomy, and comfy cozy in all weather. It ventilates well and I can store my stuff inside. Outstanding concept and execution. Great!

Thank you Dave! Now my wife goes camping with me. She hates the ground but loves her Chrysalis!

I am subject to claustrophobia and was afraid I might feel too cramped in the tent. Lucky for me, it was plenty roomy when I got in, and I can sleep on my side which is a huge plus! Best tent ever!

When I just can't get away, I set mine up in my back yard, pretend I am in Yosemite, and fix coffee out there in the morning. Hey, camping is camping.

My 70 pound laborador dog who always slept in the regular tent with me was jealous of the Chrysalis. It worked out though, she gets the run of the old pup tent which I now set up just for her. Happy campers :)

Chrysalis is the most back-conscious, orthopedically sound unit I have seen. It is designed to give the entire spine a great rest. I would recommend this unique hammock to any outdoor enthusiast looking for a restful night's sleep while enjoying the pleasures of nature.

The Chrysalis is very quick to set up, but I still prefer a conventional tent because I'm a spread-gear-all-over-the-floor kind of canoe camper. However, after a night in my Chrysalis, my back is not stiff as it usually is. I suppose the fact that it is lighter than my tent is good for my back too!

The Chrysalis has added another dimension to my tripping repetoire. Tents have always been the norm for many good reasons, but attitudes and gear have changed and evolved. There is now a place and time for hammock shelters which bring a new level of comfort, convenience and enjoyment in the outdoors. The Chrysalis is my first choice when I'm heading out solo or if I'm alone in a group. It now has a place in my growing pile of tripping gear!

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