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Do you ship to the USA?

Yes, our Canadian office ships to Canada and the USA. To get the right prices in your own currency, please select your market:

Can I buy the Helsdon Hammock in Europe?

Our Swedish branch services Swedish customers for the time being. Staring in May 2022, the Helsdon Hammock will be available all across Europe though our network of outdoors retailers. Please visit European market for the latest update to find a store in your country.

Do you ship to Asia, Africa, Oceania or South America?

Theoretically, we can do this, but in reality, the shipping cost and the customs fees will be so high, sometimes even more than the price of the product itself, that it is just to expensive to be reasonable. Sorry about that. Contact us if you are a retailer in one of these areas and want to sell the Helsdon Hammock.

Why does it weigh more than some other hammocks?

The Helsdon Hammock is designed to give you the best possible outdoor sleep. The aluminum spreader bars, the double bottom, the integrated tent and the extra room for inside storage adds weight to the product, but they are there to keep you comfortable, dry, warm and safe in all weather conditions. If a light backpack is more important to you than a really good night's sleep during a rain storm, then you should probably buy another hammock.

Be aware that other hammock companies often specify the weight of just the hammock, excluding the tarp, the straps, the bag and an underquilt. To allow you to compare our hammock with other hammocks, these are the weights of the individual parts of the Helsdon hammock:
Tent sleeve800g
Straps and buckles 700g
Stuff bag100g

Can I make it lighter?

Sure, if you substitute the tent sleeve with a simple and lightweight tarp you can shave off some 200g. If you use lightweight ropes instead of straps and skip the buckles and tie knots instead, you loose about 250g. But then you loose most weather and all bug protection and it will take more than two minutes to set up and take down.

Does the tent sleeve come off?

Yes, the tent sleeve and it's integrated bug net comes off very easily. If you want to use the hammock without the tent, you can do so and it will look like this. The Helsdon Hammock without the sleeve tent

Can I get spare parts?

Yes, it is environmentally unfriendly to force you to buy a completely new product if something gets broken. The Helsdon Hammock is made to last but shit happens. A spark from the campfire burns a whole in your tent. A car runs over your backpack and a spreader bar gets bent. Contact your nearest Helsdon Outdoors office to get help.

Doesn't it rain in through the windows?

The bug netted windows can be fully covered by rain proof curtains that you close from the inside of the hammock tent. All rain runs down the curtains and drips down on the ground.

Do you get a lot of condensation in the tent?

In the summer you can open up the sides and the windows of the tent to air out all condensation and heat. In the winter, or when it rains, you want to keep the curtains and the sides closed. The curtain on the inside of the windows has a ventilation hole at the ridge line that allows warm and moist exhaled air to travel up and out of the bug netted windows.

Do I need an underquilt?

For other hammocks you need an expensive underquilt to keep you warm when it is cold outside. The Helsdon Hammock has a double bottom that fits any sleeping pad. You don't need to buy and carry an expensive underquilt, you simply use what ever sleeping pad you already have. In the winter, you can use double layers or thick inflatable pads if you want. The windproof tent keeps the heat from your body inside of the tent instead of blowing away like it does with a traditional tarp.

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